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When and how will QBE policyholders know about their claim?

  • by The Quotesonline Team

QBE has commenced the process of informing policyholders affected by the recent bad weather events of its position for those locations where hydrology reports have been received. Those policyholders will receive a letter, access to the relevant hydrology report and information on QBE’s Internal Dispute Resolution process.
QBE says it will remain open to considering any new information and accepting any evidence which may enable us to disprove any negative findings of these reports or to expedite the claims reassessment process.

Channels for review: For policyholders who disagree with QBE’s decision, a number of channels are available for review.

1. QBE Internal Dispute Resolution
Policyholders need to contact QBE’s Internal Dispute Resolution team to advise their complaint, providing any relevant information to assist us with the review.
2. The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)
The FOS is an independent external dispute resolution service available to policyholders to review their insurance claims. Requests for a review of a dispute by the FOS must be made within two years of receiving QBE’s final decision.
3. Other options
Policyholders are able to obtain independent legal advice or refer their matter to the department in their state or territory responsible for fair trading and/or consumer affairs.


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