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What you should know if you have CTP Green Slip cover with QBE

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Changes to NSW CTP Green Slip legislation implemented in 1 April 2010 had an unintended side effect of impacting the policy terms of QBE’s CTP Green Slip Driver Protect cover. When customers choose QBE for an annual CTP Green Slip, QBE automatically provide eligible customers with a free DriverProtect Policy, providing up to $300,000 cover for certain personal injuries sustained in a serious at-fault accident. Eligibility criteria include the type and use of vehicle and the driver’s age.
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From April 2010, the NSW Compulsory Third Party, or Green Slip, insurance scheme was expanded so that anyone injured in a motor vehicle accident in NSW, regardless of who was at fault, would be able to access benefits. The change relates specifically to the Accident Notification Form (ANF) which provides for the early payment of reasonable and necessary medical expenses and/or lost earnings up to a maximum of $5,000.
The change inadvertently impacted the policy terms of QBE’s At Fault DriverProtect Policy as it excludes payment of benefits under the policy if the injured at-fault driver receives benefits under the CTP scheme.
So what is QBE doing? To ensure that its customers are not negatively impacted and have the full protection intended QBE is A) Altering its policies to not exclude payments to at-fault drivers who make ANF claims and B) insuring that all DriverProtect policies issued in the past will have the original intent of the policy honoured.
What do you need to do? QBE says, “You don’t need to do anything – rest assured, regardless of when you received your QBE DriverProtect policy, should you need to claim QBE will pay all eligible claims benefits, even if the injured at-fault driver makes a an ANF claim under the CTP scheme.”

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