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What to do if you’re an insured victim of a natural disaster

  • by The Quotesonline Team

The Insurance Council of Australia offers advice to victims of disasters with  insurance in their guidelines for “Consumer tips for Disaster Recovery”.

The Insurance Council states “Australia is a country prone to flooding, bushfires and severe storms. Holding adequate insurance cover your assets helps prudent Australians to recover when homes, contents, vehicles or businesses suffer damage and loss. The Australian insurance market is highly competitive and there is a wide range of choice between products. However, there are a number of general principles that are similar in terms of how a claim is made and managed following a disaster event.”

 If you hold a valid insurance policy, the Insurance Council document, available on their website, takes you through the process of making a claim and understanding how insurance claims are usually processed. The document also provides a list of contact number for the claims centres of general insurance companies in Australia.

 The Insurance Council represents the general insurance industry in Australia. Information sourced and edited from their website.

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