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What are the consequences of a non-disclosure?

Failing to provide the correct disclosure will give the insurer certain rights, as a result of a non-disclosure in the Insurance Contracts Act. This may result in:

  • Claims being denied
  • The policy may be canceled
  • It could result in a fraud charge

What must you disclose when applying for a public liability insurance policy

  • You must disclose previous claims
  • Disclose if you or any directors have ever been declared bankrupt?
  • Or been involved in a company or business which became insolvent or subject to any form of insolvency or voluntary administration (e.g. liquidation or receivership)?
  • Disclosure if you or any directors have been convicted of any criminal offense (other than minor traffic convictions)
  • Your full occupation including the different business activities (perhaps you’re a cleaner, you will need to advise where you clean and when)

A disclosure made from the list above may not preclude you from getting insurance, the insurer will, however, consider them before offering a premium.

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