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What is RentSecure?

  • by The Quotesonline Team

RentSecure is an annual insurance product which covers your rent for up to 16 weeks in the instance that you lose your job through no fault of your own.
How much does it cost?

Less than what you are paying for a week’s rent.

How does my rent get paid?
Directly to your Real Estate Agent / Landlord.

How does RentSecure help me?
Your tenancy application will contain the RentSecure tick to ensure the Property Manager recognises you have taken action to secure your home.

What if I move properties?
If you move, your RentSecure cover will follow you. You need to remember that;
1) you must have a tenancy agreement in place and,
2) you are covered for the original weekly rental that you specified when taking out your cover.

What if my weekly rental payment changes?
You are covered for the weekly rental that you specified when taking out your cover. You are not required to notify us or change your policy details. However, if you make a claim it will be paid at the original weekly rental or the current weekly rent amount specified on your new tenancy agreement, whichever is the lessor.

Can I pay rent secure monthly?
Yes you can pay monthly. When applying for RentSecure you will be given the option to pay the annual fee or a monthly fee. The choice is yours. The monthly fee combined for the year is no more than the total annual fee.

What if I share the rental payments?
If you are in a shared housing situation where multiple people work and pay the rent you can each take out RentSecure to protect your portion of the rent.

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