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What is Business Interruption Insurance

  • by The Quotesonline Team

Why get business interruption insurance?

If a business is out of action for a length of time Business Interruption Insurance will cover expenses while your business recovers, relocates or restocks.

Normally part of a Business Insurance policy, it will kick in following a fire or other insured peril occurring at a business premises when some form of interruption to the business occurs.


What type of expenses does Business Interruption Insurance Cover?

This insurance will cover your business related expenses like rent, wages, relocation expenses, advertising and suppliers cost.


Why is it so important

According to LMI group who provide services to corporate and government for insured and uninsured losses

Typically following a fire or other insured peril occurring at a business premises some form of interruption to the business occurs. This disruption results in a reduction in Gross Profit.

  • Some expenses are truly variable to sales. (purchases) = A   use business on weekend
  • Other Expenses which may or may not continue if the business does not trade. (rent, wages, electricity) =B
  • Net Profit (loss) =C
  • Insurable Gross Profit /Gross Income is =B + C


How do I arrange a business interruption quote?

Quotesonline uses Insure 247 to process your quote request, they will send you a calculator from LMI, once completed they take it to a number of insurers and come back to you with the quotes.


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