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What does AIA’s WeCare offer?

  • by The Quotesonline Team

AIA’s WeCare is available to AIA Australia’s Priority Protection policyholders and members of their immediate family. It is a service which goes beyond and above paying insurance benefits.

WeCare is a phone and email based support service that offers emotional support, life assistance and practical help during times of need. These services include legal and tax assistance, counselling and grief support, home assistance and funeral assistance.

AIA Australia’s spokesperson says, “AIA understands how important it is to protect yourself against unfortunate events such as accident, illness, disability and death. As an additional service to protecting our policyholders and their immediate family by paying insurance benefits, we provide support services at times when they might not be making a claim for benefits. AIA Australia’s new support service, WeCare, offers this type of support, whenever you need it, not just when you’re making a claim.”

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