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WA has the highest rate of reversing collisions in Australia

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SGIO insurance, part of IAG, is encouraging drivers in Western Australia to be more alert after discovering that 30 per cent of collisions in this state occur when drivers are reversing. This is based on SGIO motor comprehensive insurance claims data, sourced in February 2010, for the period January to December 2009

SGIO surveyed 500 WA drivers about reverse parking, revealing that 60 per cent of male drivers feel very confident when reverse parking compared to 30 per cent of female drivers (Based on Pure Profile Research, February 2010).

Despite these confidence levels, the insurer’s claims data showed female drivers have fewer reversing collisions than male drivers.

SGIO spokesperson Rob Cory said WA drivers need to take extra care when reversing.

“We encourage drivers to pause, check their rear-view mirror and look over their shoulder as a final step before reversing to avoid any unnecessary collisions,” Mr Cory said.

“We are also pleased to see more and more cars with reversing cameras and sensors which aid the driver’s visibility.”

“We want to remind all WA drivers to check their blind spots when reversing to avoid a crash.”

SGIO offers the following tips to reversing drivers:

  • be alert at all times and watch out for other drivers;
  • if you’re reversing in a car park, go slow and don’t just rely on your mirrors – look over your shoulder as well;
  • car technology such as cameras and reverse sensors can assist drivers when reversing, however drivers still need to be aware of what’s around them.

Information sourced and edited from SGIO website, which is part of Insurance Australia Group (IAG).

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