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Priceline offers insurance targeted at mums

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Priceline Protects is a new kind of insurance product, designed in conjunction with life insurer AIA, specifically for Australian mothers. So what is Priceline all about and what does it offer? Here is a Q&A session with Priceline.

Why is Priceline selling insurance? Aren’t they just a pharmacy and beauty store? Priceline answers, “Priceline is a store that understands women. But Priceline has always been about helping women look good, live well and feel great. Now we’ve taken one step further, by partnering with AIA Australia, to bring you life insurance that helps you protect the people you love the most: your family.”

It’s not something most of us like to even think about, but would your family be able to cope financially if something were to happen to you? Do you have enough saved to pay the mortgage and the kids’ school fees? If you’re like most Australians the answer will be ‘no’. Even though there’s a good chance most of us will need it at some point. Priceline Protects insurance offers mums some peace of mind knowing your family will be looked after if the unthinkable happens.

What is Priceline Protects Life Insurance? With Priceline Protects Life Insurance, if you pass away or are diagnosed with a terminal illness, you or your family could receive up to $750,000. So they can be looked after financially even if you’re not around.With Priceline Protects Serious Illness Insurance, if you or your child becomes seriously ill, you can receive a lump sum payment to spend any way you like.

How much cover do I need? Finding the right level of cover is going to be different for everyone. It depends on your age, how much you want to pay in premiums and the ongoing needs of your family and loved ones. Priceline offers an online Cover Calculator to work it out quickly.

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