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Milestone for LMI’s insurance policy comparison

  • by The Quotesonline Team

LMI PolicyComparison has just passed a major milestone, having compared more than 1,000 current General Insurance policies all at any one time. This represents 1,020 comparisons across 27 classes of general insurance. When you add the various sections of the business packs compared the current comparisons exceed 2,400.
In addition to the current policies, insurance broker users are able to go back to July 2003 and compare insurance policies in force on the day the insurance policy was arranged to others available on that date.
The Policy Library now exceeds well over 10,000 policies current and superseded.
LMI PolicyComparison sees over 250,000 comparisons being done each year and therefore has become an important research tool for insurance brokers advising their clients in Australia and New Zealand
LMI Group’s Managing Director Allan Manning praised head of LMI PolicyComparison Peter Jenkins head and his team of researchers for “their accurate and timely work in keeping the site up to date in not only the comparisons but the fields that are compared.”
Manning says that each comparison template is reviewed and updated every two years as a minimum. He also said the 1,000 milestone was a far cry from the 50 policies being compared when LMI PolicyComparison was officially launched at the NIBA conference in 2003. He expressed appreciation to all the subscribers and users who continued feedback whose ideas have seen the site continue to improve and grow.

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