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Macquarie Life Active recognised for innovation

  • by The Quotesonline Team

Macquarie Life Active has been awarded the 2011 Innovation Excellence Award for Financial Services by CANSTAR CANNEX. A Macquarie Life spokesperson said this life insurer was recognised for turning ‘the life insurance sector upside down’ through its ‘cleverly-thought-out strategy.’
These CANSTAR CANNEX awards recognise and encourage excellence in new products and services which aim to make life easier for life insurance customers. Macquarie Life Active was acknowledged for opening up life insurance to many more people who thought they couldn’t afford life insurance.
Macquarie Life Active was launched last year as a comprehensive all-in-one insurance solution, rolling Life, TPD, Income Cover and Trauma into a seamlessly, integrated policy.
In addition to the CANSTAR CANNEX award, during the past year it has been identified as one of Risk Info’s Best Initiatives of 2010, was named Best Life Insurance Product of the Year at the AB+F Insurance Awards 2010 and won the Your Money magazine’s Best Value for Money award.
Since launch, 400 advisers have submitted applications for the product on behalf of more than 2,100 clients.

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