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Life insurance advisers get tech savvy

  • by The Quotesonline Team

According to a recent survey by Zurich Life, life risk advisers across Australia are becoming more tech savvy in their willingness to purchase the latest technology. The survey took place at Zurich’s recent national product update. It asked whether adviser had an iPad or planned on purchasing one.
Of the more than 700 advisers surveyed, less than 10% already have iPads but nearly 40% say they intend purchasing one in the next 12 months.
Zurich’s General Manager Life Australia Colin Morgan said, “The percentage of advisers who plan on purchasing iPads this year is staggering and demonstrates they have been quick to take up the challenge of having the right technological tools to help their customers and grow their businesses.”
Morgan said the demand for iPads by advisers reflected how Australians were also quick to take up the new technology. He said, “It is estimated that there are 1.6 million iPads in Australia and this is expected to triple this year alone. Globally, more than 50 million personal computer tablets are expected to be sold this year – 75 per cent of them iPads.”
“Advisers appreciate they need to respond quickly to their customer needs, as well have a vast array of information at their fingertips. The new technology means they can be mobile and carry out immediately duties for their customers and for their business. As Zurich’s research demonstrates advisers are eagerly seeking the tools needed to help them.”
“Zurich is at the forefront of providing advisers with the help they need to stay ahead in this rapidly developing technological world,” he said. “For example the research clearly highlights the importance of Zurich’s decision to develop iPad applications for advisers.”

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