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Is Gradual Deterioration Excluded From My House Insurance

  • by The Quotesonline Team

Most House Insurance policies provide cover against loss from certain events for your building or contents or both in Australia. These events generally include Fire, Flood, Storm, accidental breakage of glass, Theft, Earthquake and Impact.

However if the loss is caused by Gradual Deterioration you may find your insurer will decline your claim, although you might not find Gradual Deterioration defined within your house insurance policy

What is Gradual Deterioration

If the event happens over a gradual period and goes unnoticed its likely to be deemed as gradual damage or “wear and tear”


How do the insurers look at Gradual Deterioration

We looked at policies from Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Australia, Coles Insurance, Real Insurance, Woolworths Insurance and Youi

Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Australia will not pay out a claim as a result of settling, shrinkage or any movement of earth, erosion, rust, corrosion, gradual deterioration, depreciation, wear or tear.

Woolworths and Real Insurance exclude Caused by gradual deterioration caused by rainwater, Loss or damage caused by the gradual seepage of water or other liquids, Gradual deterioration including wear and tear, rust corrosion, depreciation, fading and deterioration from exposure to light.

Youi exclude events that happen slowly over a period of time and you could reasonably have been aware of it, including rising damp or seepage of water from the ground.

Coles Home Insurance exclude gradual deterioration from rainwater, or gradual deterioration, including wear and tear, rust, corrosion, depreciation, fading or deterioration from exposure to light

If you are still unsure ask your insurer or speak to a broker

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