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DUAL Australia is a true SME insurance business with over 90,000 policies transacted annually

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DUALS's story

Dual Australia, established in March 2004, is a speciality lines underwriting agency committed to delivering insurance solutions in the Mid-Market sector.

Australia’s largest independent underwriting agency
4 Offices with 90 staff
DUAL provides clients with local professional assistance backed by significant central resource. They also partnered with clients and brokers to offer support and advice on such matters as legal and claims development and loss prevention.

DUAL Australia underwrites exclusively on behalf of certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s.

Lloyd’s of London is an APRA regulated insurer and since the late seventeenth century, the name Lloyd’s has been synonymous with insurance. Many of the world’s leading underwriters are based at Lloyd’s. The market is internationally renowned and has an impeccable claims record. In Australia, Lloyd’s is proud to be a member of the Insurance Council of Australia, and strives to comply with the agreement we have made under the General Insurance Code of Practice.


Dual maybe offered by one of our licensed partners, please note that due to the nature of insurance not all insurers may offer quotes

Insure 247 Team

Your Quotes will come from the Insure 247 team Our technology allows us to arrange quotes from a network of 130 insurers and underwriting agencies

Steadfast Policy Wordings

Where available we will use best in class Steadfast Policy Wording. Steadfast Group is the largest general insurance broker network and the largest group of underwriting agencies in Australasia, with growing operations in Asia and Europe.

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