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Insurer advises how to have a safe Easter

  • by The Quotesonline Team

Ansvar Insurance, which insurers more than 9000 places of worship, has cautioned church parishioners to take steps to reduce the risk of fire at their church ahead of the Easter school holidays.
Ansvar’s Risk Services Manager Phill Salter said, “Churches and church halls are frequently unoccupied, but the school holidays can be an even quieter time as church clubs and social activities enter a recess period. Worship centres can be easy targets for arsonists because they are often situated some distance from other buildings and are, in some cases, reasonably simple to access. Easter is a very special time for churches, and we don’t want this significant religious period spoilt by a blaze at a worship centre.”
Ansvar advises parish leaders to reduce the risk of church arson by:
Erecting security lighting inside and outside the church building;
Locking away all flammable liquids in a metal cabinet;
Establishing a key register and limit the number of people who have access to the building;
Making it more difficult for unauthorised people to access the roof area of the church; and
Mounting a monitored security and fire detection system throughout the church property.

Mr Salter said churches could also minimise the likelihood of an unintentional property fire.
“When people think of fire and faith organisations, they often picture a lit candle that has fallen from a table during a service, but there are many other ways that church property can be engulfed by flames,” he said. “Church halls are often large spaces and take a great deal of effort to heat, and it’s vital that parishioners ensure their heating system does not pose a fire hazard.

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