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Insurance data reveals high rate of roo collisions in Western Australia

  • by The Quotesonline Team

SGIO (part of IAG) claims data reveals that incidents with animals on roads, especially kangaroos, caused over 20 000 collisions on Australia’s roads in 2009 (based on SGIO motor comprehensive claims data sourced in February 2010 for the period of Jan to Dec 2009.)

SGIO spokesperson Rob Cory said collisions between drivers and kangaroo on country roads were a significant problem. Last year SGIO received more than 1,300 claims involving a collision with a kangaroo on WA roads.

“Unfortunately, many kangaroos are active on our roads and looking for food at sunrise and sunset; it’s during this time that an increased number of collisions occur,” Cory said.

Mr Cory said that although most animal collisions occurred on country roads, Perth drivers should be just as mindful of dogs and cats near the road, especially as dogs were the second most likely animal to be hit.

SGIO received more than 200 claims involving animal collisions in the Perth metro area in 2009, while in regional WA Collie recorded the highest number of claims for animal related collisions (49), followed by Exmouth, Carnarvon and Busselton.

SGIO has the following advice for drivers:

  • if you see a kangaroo on or near the road try and brake but don’t swerve to avoid a collision;
  • if you hit the animal and, if safety permits, you should try to help by moving it to the side of the road to prevent further crashes;
  • if the animal is still alive, keep it warm and in a quiet place away from noises; and
  • don’t force an animal to eat or drink and call a local vet or wildlife rescue centre.

“How you react after seeing a kangaroo can potentially save lives,” Mr Cory said.

Top 10 WA cities & regional centres Number of animal collisions
Perth metro area 201
Collie 49
Exmouth 33
Carnarvon 33
Busselton 29
Bunbury 27
Margaret River 26
Toodyay 20
Pinjarra 20
Karratha 19
Animal Number of animal collisions
Kangaroo 1320
Dog 110
Cattle 49
Cat 45
Emu 40
Sheep 11
Bird 10
Fox 6
Horse 5


Information sourced and edited from SGIO website, which is part of the IAG insurance company.

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