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Insurance council announces second place winners of Resilience Award

  • by The Quotesonline Team

Entries for the Insurance Council’s 2010 Resilience Award were of such a high standard this year, that the Council announced two second place winners for their outstanding contributions to improving community resilience. The purpose of the award is to increase community resilience to extreme weather events.

The Australian Security Research Centre (ASRC) won recognition for its proposal to create an online self assessment tool for property owners to determine a ‘Durability’ rating for their property. Property owners would be required to identify their property on Google maps and to enter various criteria about the properties construction and use. That information is then combined with database overlays of fire risk, flood risk, security risk etc, based upon the location of the property. The results give the property owner a clear indication of the relative risks faced by the property and the different factors that may improve the properties durability to the risks. Knowledge of these risks would encourage property owners to investigate risk mitigation measures.

The other second place winner is the Torrens Resilience Institute which proposed the creation of a self assessment tool for organisations to create a balanced scorecard of resilience attributes.  Identification of weaknesses leads to risk mitigation work by the organisation to focus on vulnerable areas of resilience capability.

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