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Insurance Claim FAQs Proof Of Ownership

  • by The Quotesonline Team
Proof of Ownership

Insurance Claim FAQs – Proof Of Ownership

One of the first things that will happen with an insurance policy after a loss is that the insurer will ask you to prove you own what has been damaged, lost or stolen. How do you provide Proof Of Ownership?

Ever wondered how to do that?

One of Australia’s leading Claims preparation companies LMI Groups, Steven Manning has tips for proof of ownership when it comes time to claim.


LMI Group loss management division

LMI Group’s loss management division has highly experienced experts who work with the business and its advisers to minimise the disruption, prepare a business recovery plan, and quantify and prepare the insurance claim to ensure that all entitlements are claimed.

When a business suffers a significant loss, owners and managers are often left to manage the insurance claim alone.
When business owners already have a full schedule looking after their client-base and managing staff, suppliers and administration, familiarising themselves with all the nuances of their insurance policy can be a daunting and time consuming task. With the insurance industry engaging experts in the form of loss adjusters and investigators to protect their interests,
Insureds can feel very alone. As an industry, we need to do things better.




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