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Flood definition on the insurance council’s agenda

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In an attempt to prevent the confusion that has arisen from insurance policy holders affected by the recent floods, the Insurance Council of Australia has said it will work on a definition that clearly defines flood. There have so far been about 45,000 claims across Queensland resulting from the summer floods, estimated to cost about $2 billion.

ABC news reports that flood victims disillusioned with the claims process met at Ipswich, west of Brisbane, to vent their frustration with insurance companies. Assistant Treasurer Bill Shorten attended the meeting.
Mr Shorten assured the gathering their cases were being taken seriously. He said insurance companies needed to lift their game and make sure their policies were clearer for consumers.

“I think the picture’s clear that in the Ipswich area there is a level of anger at the performance of a range of insurance companies. I heard too many examples today to simply see it as a couple of isolated troublemakers. I think some insurance companies will definitely need to lift the way they’re treating and handling claims,” Mr Shorten is reported as saying.
Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale, who organised the meeting, says the city has been waiting too long for answers from insurers: “Today was a fantastic outcome. What the insurance companies are going to find out is that the voice of Australia was speaking at Ipswich. We’re not going to take it anymore. We want good customer service and we want assessors to treat us with respect.”
He invited Mr Shorten to hear the questions and the stories first hand from business owners and residents like John Lynch.
“We are living from house to house, which is completely unsatisfactory. And I think a lot of other people have felt this here too,” Mr Lynch said.
There were also questions directed at insurers and the Government on how flood is defined.

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