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Disability Insurance scheme in full swing

  • by The Quotesonline Team
The Federal Government is pushing plans for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to go ahead at least one year earlier then originally fore-casted.

Following recommendations from The Productivity Commission for The National Disability Insurance Scheme to be set up earlier this year, the Gillard Government has announced its plans to begin work with the State and Territory Government to lay the foundations for the scheme.

The scheme is set to be a support system and provide insurance for all Australians living with a disability. The NDIS is projected to cost $6.3 billion a year for more than 2 million people in Australia currently living with a disability or who are carers.

The Productivity Commission has been suggested the scheme be implemented as a core function of Government similar to the Medicare model.

Several state and federal ministers attended the COAG Select Council meeting in Sydney discussing issues surrounding a needs-based assessment tools and early intervention models.  Minister of Families and Community Services, Jenny Macklin commented on the meeting saying “This is all about recognising that Australia has really let down people with a disability and their families and carers over a long period of time”.

The Federal Government remain uncertain of where the funding will be raised for the scheme.

By Krystal Ayoub

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