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Comminsure New Life Insurance Software Platform Released

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Insurance arm of Australian banking giant Commonwealth bank, have launched a new high tech online self service platform for its members.

CommInsure’s Wholesale Life Division have developed a new online software designed by Sydney based software company Axe group, to create an online application and underwriting platform.

The platform has been specifically designed for the insurance and superannuation market. CommInsure’s two largest industry super funds CareSuper and Hesta have approximately 900,000 members who will be able to enjoy the benefits and convenience of the new services.

The self service portal will give members access to an online calculator which will enable them to assess individual insurance cover associated with the super fund. A quoting system can then be used if the user desires any upgrades or changes with immediate decisions made by the technology.

General Manager of CommInsure’s Wholesale Life Division Claire Roberts is thrilled with the progress of the company and new technology stating “We believe this is the most comprehensive insurance application system in the market. It provides industry fund members with an intuitive process that makes it easy for them to apply for additional insurance cover. We are pleased to be able to provide our industry fund clients with a solution that delivers an enhanced experience to their members”.

CommInsure offer a variety of General Insurance products including home and car insurance, as well as Life insurance products including life cover, income protection, TPD, and trauma cover.

By Krystal Ayoub

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