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Commercial Rent Default Insurance

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Commercial Rent Default Insurance

Commercial Rent Default Insurance

Don’t let your money disappear with your tenant.

Commercial Rent Default Insurance is the first stand-alone product of its kind offering Commercial Landlords a better way to manage their risk, attract and keep good tenants, and maximise their profits.

If you are serious commercial property investors arrange a Commercial Rent Default Insurance quote.

  • Commercial Rent Default Insurance will cover commercial landlords for loss of rent:
  • If their commercial tenant fails to pay the rent
  • If their commercial tenant leaves without notice
  • If their commercial tenant leaves without paying all of their rent
  • If they legally evict their commercial tenant

It will cover your business from the day rent stopped being paid and keep you covered until there is a new tenant, the lease expires or the policy limit is reached.

Green Hill Commercial Rent Default Insurance

The cover is offered by Greenhill Underwriting Agencies Underwritten by Hollard Insurance Australia Ltd. (AM Best Rating A-)

Covered Acceptance Rules

  • Must have written lease agreement(s) in place
  • Periodical leases are ineligible
  • All tenancies within a property to be insured
  • Other exceptions, ineligible tenants, existing lease agreement conflicts at the discretion of the insurer
  • At least 50% of the premises must be occupied


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