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Chartis allows policy renewal extension for Flood Victims

  • by The Quotesonline Team

General Insuraner Chartis has clarified its position in regards to the renewal of insurance policies with exposures in flood affected areas.

Chartis acknowledges that many of its clients and insurance broking partners have been severely affected by the destructive floods throughout Queensland and Victoria. In order to assist their broking partners during this difficult time, Chartis has agreed to offer a 30 day extension at pro-rata terms and conditions to all of their Insured’s with renewals falling due between the period of 10 January, 2011 and 9 February, 2011, that have exposures in locations determined by Chartis to be in flood affected locations.

Chartis Australasia’s Regional Property Manager Nick Wood said, “We understand that these floods have caused immense disruption to the lives and businesses of flood victims. As an Insurer we are trying to assist our brokers and clients where possible. Extending these terms will take the pressure off our Insured’s and broking partners who have many issues to deal with at this time”.

This extension is available across all lines of Chartis business; Insured’s and broking partners are encouraged to contact Chartis offices: Sydney: (02) 9240 1711, Melbourne: (03) 9522 4000, Brisbane: (07) 3220 0700, Perth: (08) 9421 3300

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