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CGU advises on safe clean up after Cylone Yasi

  • by The Quotesonline Team

Insurer CGU has provided these tips to customers cleaning up their homes, farms or businesses after Cyclone Yasi and preparing to put in insurance claims.

Be safe, be smart and listen to local authorities before starting the clean-up process. Here are a few things to consider as you begin the process of cleaning your home or
business. This is not comprehensive list, but it can help you get started:

1. Wait until authorities have declared it safe for you to return to your home – your home/business can become a dangerous environment because of structural damage or electrical hazards.

2. Leave structural and make-safe activities to a professional – CGU can provide you with a builder/assessor who will come to your property to undertake make-safe activities before you enter your property.

3. If you are walking around your property prior to make-safe activities being completed, be careful of unstable structures.

4. Remember, after a disaster, you cannot always clearly see what is on the ground – there may be nails, broken glass or other debris that could cause injury.

5. Wear protective clothing – goggles, face mask, rubber gloves and thick protective boots.

6. Watch out for animals that may have come into buildings with the water.

7. Any electrical equipment that has been damaged should be handled with care, and you should record the serial or identification numbers and provide these to CGU.

8. Check with local authorities as to any specific disposal methods for your business/household items.

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