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Does All Business Insurance Cover Flood?

  • by The Quotesonline Team
Emerald Flood 2010

Some business insurance claims in Australia has been the result of 1 in a 100-year flood, leaving many many businesses unaware and unprepared for the loss

Does all business insurance cover flood?

Does all business insurance cover flood? No according to Steve Sloan insurance broker with Insure 247?

“Business insurance policies that cover property loss or damage can be altered to include flood insurance and the loss of income as a result of a flooding event, however, each policy and insurer have a different level of cover and in most cases, it is not an automatic inclusion.”
Steve Sloan urges you to “ Discuss with your broker the level of cover that you require, check flood mapping for your area, consider the likely loss of income as a result of a closure from flooding.”

What should you check for?

  • Am I close to streams, rivers or inlets subject to flooding?

  • What would you do in the event of a flood

  • How would your business be affected by a flood

  • Could your business be affected by floods and surrounding neighbourhoods

The extra cost of flood cover may only be a few hundred dollars in the year versus the potential of loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars

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