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Are you covered for Medical Malpractice Insurance?

  • by The Quotesonline Team

Business Insurance QuotesAre you in the healthcare profession or do you own or manage a medical establishment? CGU advises that you take out Medical Malpractice Insurance.
CGU Medical Malpractice Insurance protects both professionals and establishments in the medical field from liability claims arising from medical malpractice and resulting injury or loss to patients or clients.
The key features of this insurance policy are:
For Medical, health and allied professionals
Civil liabilities covered including (but not limited to):
breach of duty (including duty of confidentiality)
unintentional defamation
loss of or damage to documents (to the full policy limit)
dishonest/fraudulent/criminal or malicious acts and breach of fiduciary duty (innocent party cover)
misleading and deceptive conduct under the ASIC Act 2001
breaches of the Trade Practices Act / Fair Trading Acts (Australian and New Zealand)
Covers bodily injury and property damage claims arising from the professional services covered by the policy
Definition of ‘claim’ includes written and verbal demands
Advancement of claim investigation costs
For Medical, health and allied establishments
Broad range of Civil Liabilities covered
Good Samaritan Acts cover
Fund raising & social activities cover
Claims investigation costs, i.e. legal defence costs are paid in addition to the policy limit
Bodily injury and property damage claims arising from the professional services
Continuous cover

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