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Are motor accidents all in the stars?

  • by The Quotesonline Team

Budget Direct car insurance has released some interesting statistics about which star signs are more likely to have an accident. Budget Direct stats reveal that both male and female Cancerians are the most likely to have a motor vehicle accident after accruing the highest accident claims (8.82 per cent) over a 12 month period.

A Budget Direct data extract review of over 30,000 accident claims across Australia highlights which Zodiac signs were more likely to be involved in an accident and reports on the most popular times for accidents by the month and day of the week.

According the data in May last year the Virgo males had two per cent more accident claims than any other sign while both Capricorn and Leo females had the lowest. And while the results were close, both the Scorpio and Leo signs had the most accident claims in June which might be an indication for those signs to take it easy in the coming weeks.

Budget Direct is the signature brand for A&G Insurance Services and is in its 10th year of operation as one of Australia’s leading low cost insurance providers.

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