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Ansvar support ready for victims of floods

  • by The Quotesonline Team

Ansvar Insurance has issued a statement encouraging its customers who have been affected by the Queensland floods to get in touch with them for advice on property and vehicle damage. Ansvar Insurance CEO Andrew Moon said its claim specialists were working diligently to assist customers from flooded towns.
“The most important thing at this stage is to ensure everyone is safe and healthy, and I encourage all customers of Ansvar Insurance to follow the instructions of authorities, especially with regard to personal hygiene. When the flood starts to subside, we will be ready to visit our customers to assess damage and work through claim applications.”
Ansvar Insurance has appointed a number of insurance assessors, some of whom are already on the ground in areas that can be safely accessed by 4×4 vehicles. The assessors have been in phone contact with every customer who have lodged a claim, and Ansvar Insurance said they will communicate regularly with all claimants. Moon said the company had recorded damage to a significant number of homes and commercial properties, including churches.
“It is obviously too early to have a full picture of the damage, but one of the big concerns at this stage is the likely mould on the floors and walls of buildings, due to the combination of rain and humidity,” he said.
“We also expect that some flooded timber flooring may distort, and plasterboard ceilings and wall linings will probably not be able to dry naturally. Our specialist assessors understand flood damage very acutely, and will be able to offer tailored advice to any customers that require assistance.”
Ansvar Insurance offers tailored insurance products to organisations in the sectors of faith, education, care, not-for-profit and heritage, and also protects homes, contents and vehicles.

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