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Ansvar launches new risk management tool

  • by The Quotesonline Team
Ansvar Insurance has announced a new tool that can help Australian churches to assess and reduce the risk to their properties, leaders and congregations called the Risk Management Manual for Faith Organisations.
The comprehensive and free document prepared by Ansvar Insurance outlines the wide-variety of risks faced by faith organisations and the ways churches can simply and effectively minimise those dangers.
Ansvar’s Customer Risk Services Manager Phillip Salter said churches attracted quite specific hazards, “Most churches are generally unoccupied at night and can be quite a distance from neighboring properties, and this sometimes makes them targets for arson, vandalism and break-ins.”
The types of activities undertaken by churches can also lead to areas of concern, and it’s important that faith groups create some protocols around, for example, the handling of the offering, the appointment of leaders, and the use of volunteers.
“Churches that implement a risk management program can identify and deal with hazards before an incident occurs, and save property, money and lives. Early prevention also helps to reduce the chances that a person will sue the church, and cause large sums of money to be spent on legal costs, rather than the church’s mission and outreach.”
The Risk Management Manual for Faith Organisations is wide-ranging, and covers areas such as: fire damage; storm and water damage; vandalism and theft; the screening and training of volunteers; personal injury litigation; reputation damage; under insurance and child protection.
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